Missy tells her story for Max Lucado’s book,

Next Door Savior (2003).

Missy’s story currently on Sports Illustrated

Share Todd & Missy with your friends––in person

In anticipation of the release of Run to Win, Todd and Missy have begun accepting and scheduling appearances.

Share an experience your friends will not soon forget.  Whether hosting a large event, a church service, or a small intimate gathering with friends in your home, Missy and Todd will become a part of your event to create a delightfully entertaining and inspirational evening.  Todd will share his music, story-telling, humor and fun, and Missy will join him as the two share about her battle with cancer, and how God overcame what appeared to be shattered dreams.  You’ll laugh, cry, and your heart will overflow with joy.


The Story

Through video and in person, Missy will share how God overcame the apparent death of two passions––running and having a family.

The Music

Todd will provide an entertaining evening at the piano sharing his music––from romantic selections to fun, exciting pop and  jazz––as well as a time of fun and games.

The Purpose

The Billingsleys have two purposes:  helping others with similar challenges and providing air transportion for medical patients to their treatments.   Learn more ➧

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Part 2

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