I’m trying to find music published by Coral Key?  Where can I find it?

The following information will help you locate products still available: 

eWorship: eHymns & eHITS
The two series of downloadable scores and charts are available from Praisecharts.com.

Various Themes on Fa La La & Nutcracker Jingles
The only two Coral Key print titles still available are “Various Themes on Fa La La” and “Nutcracker Jingles,” which are now distributed by Alfred Publishing.

What happened to resources4worship.com?

It was taken offline so I could pursue other interests.  If you are searching for those downloadable resources for worship, they are now available at Praisecharts.com.

Where can I buy Causeway charts?

They’re available at Praisecharts.com.

Where can I buy Causeway CDs?

Causeway CDs are no longer available, but all of Causeway’s recordings are still available here on the website or on iTunes.

What’s going on with Causeway?

Causeway no longer plays together regularly due to career changes and relocations.  We’ll get together for every now and then for reunions, and usually invite friends for an intimate evening of Causeway’s brand of jazz. If you’d like to be invited to one of these, send me an email.

Can I hire you to work on my music project?

I don’t do commissions too much anymore due to pursuing new interests. But who knows...if you have something fun and exciting...or if I’m needing some financial resources to fund those new pursuits...we might strike up a way to work together.

Reprints & Permissions:  Blogs & Articles

If you'd like to reprint one of my blog posts or articles, all I require are two things:

  1. 1.Simply provide the following credit at the beginning (below the headline and above the first paragraph):

“Reprinted from the blog of Todd Billingsley”

  1. 2.Include this author bio/blurb and link at the end of each article or posting:

  1. Todd Billingsley, composer and pianist, blends his soothing pop-style piano with soul-stirring, textured sounds of cinematic soundtracks. As an author, he has written articles for national magazines and wrote the book, Run to Win.  Todd’s music and musings are available at toddbillingsley.com.”

Reprints & Permissions:  Music

If you’d like to reprint some of my music, include it on a CD project, or include it on video/DVD, email me.  Be prepared with the following information:

  1. How it will be used (i.e. reprint copies, CD, DVD)

  2. Number of copies/units you will produce

  3. Will your product (i.e. CD, DVD, or video) be sold?

What happened to your Italy blog?

The blog is still online, but I don’t add new posts frequently anymore because we moved back to the States.  Posts are added sometimes as we do return to Italy every year. You can find these posts in the travel section of the blog.

I’m going on a trip to Italy/Europe!  Can you help?

Having lived in Rome, Italy for a few years, I will be more than happy to help you plan your trip of a lifetime, and help save some money in the process.  First, sift through all the inside tips I compiled, then contact me let me know how you want to proceed. There is a ton to see and do in Italy, so an outline of what you’d like to do will help me zero in on your plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

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