Todd Billingsley is an award-winning composer of music for film and media. His music underscores film and video seen on network television, and video content on websites of national magazines.

Todd has also worked with recording artists such as Alabama, Cynthia Clawson, Fred Hammond, Israel Houghton, Abraham Laboriel, Norman Luboff, Ken Medema, and Sony-Latin artists Braulio and Chayanne.

As an author, Todd wrote the book, Run to Win, and has been a frequent contributor to national magazines ranging from parenting to music.

WARNING:  Friendship has been known to cause the following side effects: 

Karen Smith (Chickasha, OK)  
Your music made my heart jump and say, “OH MY GOSH!  OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH!”

Connie Rayna (Los Angeles, CA) Love “Sorrento”–just downloaded it to my shuffle to listen to when I hike the Himalayas! It puts me in such a GREAT mood!

Christene Jackman (Jerusalem, Israel)  
Someone shared this song with me, “I Will Do,” and found that you orchestrated it. It is the most exciting song I have heard in a LONG time. AAAAmazing! I am a puddle of tears by the time I get to the ending. Suuuhhh-weet!

June Bradbury (Culloden, WV)  
W O W !!!!!!!! I feel so truly blessed after listening to your music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa DeMahy (Miami, FL) 
Listening to music by Todd Billingsley and it’s soothing my soul :)

Sheila Brown (Murfreesboro, TN) 
I made a "Todd List" and listen to you almost everyday while I work.   You're my TOP CHOICE!  And I love “Sorrento”!

H.K. Gilbert (Shreveport, LA) 
Just posted your amazing music on my Facebook profile!  You’re amazing and what a gift you are!


Lisa Kirkpatrick (Dallas, TX) 
Oh my gosh!!!  Todd, I am holding my ribs because of your story!

Michelle McLaren (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) I can always count on you for a good laugh and a smile, Todd.  Thank you for that gift.

Elaine Vanderland (Rochester NY) BAHHAAAAHHAAA!!!! Oh THAT is FUNNY! 


Mark Bowers (Augusta, GA)  
I appreciate you, Todd, for the reminders that we do indeed have a purpose for being here.

Susan Burch (Mystic, IA)  
Wow! Just checked out your website and blog. You inspire me. Thanks for blogging. Absolutely love it! 

Suzanne Payne (Triune, TN) 
It seems like you’re always saying things I keep needing to hear. 

Different Perspective...

Benedikt Meuthen (Obernhof, Germany)  How do you come up with so many good statuses?  Everyday when I start my computer at work and check my mails, I also check if you have a new status.  I really appreciate your statuses, especially those which make me ask myself questions I usually wouldn´t.

Kathy Dalton (Brentwood, TN)  Todd, that post was on target and so beautifully written!   It was a pleasurable read...and I left richer.  Thanks :-) 

Gay Argyros (Harrisonburg, VA)  I'm finding it very thought-provoking and way interesting to be a part of your own spiritual journey.

Music Influences

  1. Aaron Copland                  

  2. George Duke

  3. Enya

  4. Gabriel Fauré

  5. David Foster

  6. Jay Graydon

  7. Dave Grusin

  8. Gustav Holst

  9. Quincy Jones

  1. Michael Kamen

  2. Michael McDonald

  3. Buryl Red

  4. Alan Silvestri

  5. Sting

  6. Bill Whelan

  7. John Williams

  8. Ralph Vaughn Williams

  9. Hans Zimmer

Personal Tidbits...

Have an amazing, beautiful wife and three incredible children, and have made the Poconos in northeastern Pennsylvania our home.

Don’t know what to call my true home though...was born in L.A. (Lower Alabama).  Junior high, high school, and college years were in the Nashville area, but I’ve lived in Miami three separate times and for nearly half my life.  Open to suggestions.

Favorite thing to do –– traveling and experiencing other cultures with my family.  If we’re home, it’s playing sports, cards or games with them...or with close friends.

Hobbies are filmmaking, flying and basically doing anything in the water (diving, fishing, sailing).  Not much of a beach person though––too much sun and sand.

Was once responsible for having an entire jury pool of thirty people disqualified.

Love exquisite food, and enjoy the challenge of discovering excellent restaurants with great prices.     

Chocolate European chocolate, but will not eat its American counterparts (which has the same tastes as sucking the wax off the bottom of a paper cup with a straw).

Don’t read the paper, watch the news, or talk politics. 

Harleys––my wife and I love to ride. 

I thrive in solitude (INFJ). Labeled as “abstract” and “a rebel” by other personality assessments.


Dove Award Nomination:  More Than Just a Story, Best Musical of the Year

Winner of composition contest sponsored by Dallas Wind Symphony with Fanfare for Meridith Corann

High Points

1992  Published Various Themes on Fa La La that appeared at #2 on TCMR’s Best-seller list.

1993  Published Nutcracker Jingles that appeared at #1 on TCMR’s Best-seller list.

1997  Conference pianist for Music Week at Ridgecrest.

1998  Toured with Sony BMG Latin artist, Braulio.

1999  Appeared on the cover and featured interview in Church Musician magazine.

1999  Peformed with Causeway at Super Bowl XXXIII festivities in Miami.

2005  Performance of Fanfare for Meridith Corann by the Dallas Wind Symphony at Meyerson Symphony Center.

2005  Orchestrated a recording featuring Fred Hammond, Martha Manuzzi, and “the family portion” of Kirk Franklin and the Family. 

2007  Performed with Causeway at Super Bowl XLI festivities in Miami.

2010  Composed and performed the score for the video The Long Run about my wife, Missy, appearing on Sports Illustrated magazine’s website.

2010  Recorded the soundtrack for Run to Win with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra in Prague.

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