Is there a catch to downloading the free MP3s?

Yes :-)  But not a risky or un-doable one.  I ask for your email address because I’d like to get to know you––especially if we like the same kind of music and the simple joys of taking in life.

If you’d like to hear my music before downloading the free MP3s, click here.

How often do you send email?

Once per month.

What kind of content is in your monthly email?

  1. Updates on upcoming projects

  2. Usually contains a free music download

Will you rent or sell my information to anyone else?

No, never.  I have a strong dislike for spam as well.

What if I don’t want to hear from you anymore?

You can unsubscribe at any time with one simple click (it’s located at the top of every email).

Before I Click...
free music download

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